Health & Safety

Quality, Health, Safety, Environment & Food Safety (QHSE & FS)


International Packaging Films Limited (IPAK) is committed to cultivate an environment which ensures QHSE & FS embedded at its core. By fortifying our QHSE & FS goals with the pillars of perpetual progress, we are in pursuit of a Safe & Secure workplace for our employees & all stakeholders engaged in our daily operations.

IPAK efficiently implements its QHSE & FS policies & procedures mitigating the accidental rate at its vicinity and reducing the risks of injury or health-hazards at the workplace. IPAK also adopts a tradition of training and capacity-building of its employees with the best procedures and workshops. We envision a hazard-free setting and frequently invest in various tools & techniques to ensure that our employees are equipped with contemporary safety skills in their daily operations.

Management Systems Certifications

The hardworking and motivated team of IPAK has never compromised on the standards. This professional attitude has helped the IPAK to acquire numerous certifications including:

  • Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015)
  • Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OH&SMS 45001:2018)
  • Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2015)
  • Food Safety Management System (ISO 22000:2018)
  • PepsiCo Approved Packaging Supplier
  • British American Tobacco Supplier Qualification Program

Integrated Management System

The IPAK Integrated Management system provides a mechanism for Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety and Food Safety Management systems throughout all areas and Departments of International Packaging Films Limited.

The Integrated Management System is designed to meet and exceed customer requirements and expectations to cover Environmental Aspects and impacts, Occupational Health & Safety Hazards and Risks, Food Safety etc.

IPAK is committed to defining its position in the marketplace and understanding how relevant factors arising from legal, political, economic, social and technological issues influence its strategic direction and Organizational context. IPAK identifies, analyses, monitors and reviews factors that may affect its ability to satisfy its customers and stakeholders as well as factors that may adversely affect the stability of its process, or its management system’s integrity.

IPAK reviewed and analyzed key aspects of itself and its stakeholders to determine the strategic direction of the company. Identified ‘interested parties’ (Stakeholders) who receive our services or who may be impacted by them or those parties who may otherwise have a significant interest in our company.

Understanding internal and external issues that are of concern to IPAK. Many such issues are identified through analysis of risks facing IPAK interested parties. Such issues are monitored and updated as appropriate and discussed as part of Management Reviews.

IPAK external and internal issues are relevant to its purpose and its strategic direction and that affect its ability to achieve the intended results of Integrated Management System through PEST Analysis. The external and internal issues identified through PEST Analysis are continuously being Monitored and Reviewed by Top Management.

IPAK recognizes that we have a unique set of interested parties whose needs and expectations change and develop over time, and furthermore that only a limited set of their respective needs and expectations are applicable to our operations or to our Integrated Management System.

To ensure that our products and processes continue to meet all relevant requirements. We identify and assess the potential impact of any relevant needs and expectations that may be elicited from the interested parties.

Where appropriate, to ensure that our processes are aligned to deliver the requirements of our interested parties: we convert relevant needs and expectations into requirements which become inputs to our IMS and to our Product & Design.

Integrated Management System Policy

Our focus on operational excellence enables continual improvement of our QHSE & FS systems, products and activities. These initiatives allow us to better product safety, conserve energy and natural resources, prevent pollution and protect the health, safety of our employees and other stakeholders.

Our Zero-Incident Policy, Safety of the environment, people and communities is important to us. We promise to conduct all aspects of our operations to safeguard our employees, the communities we live and work in, and the environment.

IMS and FSMS Policy

International Packaging Films Limited (IPAK) is committed to:

  • Enhance customer and interested parties satisfaction by supply of Products that meet the highest food safety and quality standards.
  • Establish a strategic direction and take actions to deliver real benefits to the organization through sustainable operational performance that is well-suited with the context of organization.
  • Familiarizing the employees with mission, vision, value system and strategic orientation of the organization.
  • Align our people to common goals and to provide them the resources, competencies & trainings to achieve the targets.
  • Fulfillment of compliance obligations, applicable requirements, Legal and other requirements to which IPAK subscribes.
  • Identifies and implements ways to improve the efficiency with which the company uses materials and resources, prevent pollution, minimizes emissions and waste.
  • Ensure healthy & safe working environment and to take measures that will prevent and eliminate risks and avoid accidents and damage to the health of employees.
  • Continuous improvements and review of the product quality in terms of functionality, environmental protection, food safety and employee’s health and safety.
  • Communicate all stakeholders and interested parties about periodical surveillance of efficacy and effectiveness of integrated management system and food safety management system and with the intent that they are made aware of Quality, Environment, Food Safety and Health & Safety obligations.

This policy is applicable to each individual whether employee, contractor / sub-contractor, supplier, visitor and all other stakeholders of the Company.