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Today, IPAK stands as one of Pakistan’s leading manufacturer of films, catering to a diverse range of industries with its wide array of products. We proudly export our offerings to numerous countries, promoting Pakistan’s industrial capabilities on the international stage.

Environmentally Friendly Plastics

  • BOPP, CPP Films deliver significant weight saving compared to existing multi-plastic based structures.
  • BOPP, CPP Films are among the few viable options for food contact approved recycled content for household flexible packaging applications.
  • Mixed plastics laminates based on BOPP or CPP films are compatible in most feedstock recycling processes.

IPAK Transforming the Future of Packaging Industry.

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Successful Projects

Product Portfolio

From innovative technological solutions to high-quality films, our portfolio is designed to meet the diverse requirements of our valued clients.


Transparent Films

Range includes films with high transparency and gloss, low SIT, wide seal range, modified slip and primarily used for printing and lamination.


Metalized Films

Are used in lamination for single and two-ply packaging structures for chips/snack foods, biscuits, confectionery and bakery products.


White Films

Due to high gloss, milky white appearance and better stiffness, these films are highly demanded for Biscuit, Confectionery, Chocolate and Ice Cream packaging


Cavitated/Pearlized Films

Beside improved aesthetics and light barrier, these films being low density, thus, high yield, provides significant cost advantage to the brand owners


Matte Films

High haze/matt effect reduce light reflection improving product visibility from any angle on the shelf and premium look. It is used for printing, web lamination, lamination of printed papers, boards, posters, book covers, etc.

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